CloudBuilder  2.8.4
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CloudBuilder::CCloudResult Class Reference

#include <CDelegate.h>

Public Member Functions

eErrorCode GetErrorCode () const
const char * GetErrorString () const
int GetHttpStatusCode () const
int GetCurlErrorCode () const
char * GetJSONString () const
const CotCHelpers::CHJSONGetJSON () const
bool HasBinary () const
size_t BinarySize () const
const void * BinaryPtr () const
bool IsObsolete () const
CCloudResultDuplicate () const
 CCloudResult ()
 CCloudResult (eErrorCode err)
 CCloudResult (eErrorCode err, const char *message)
 CCloudResult (eErrorCode err, CotCHelpers::CHJSON *ajson)
 CCloudResult (CotCHelpers::CHJSON *ajson)
void SetErrorCode (eErrorCode err)
void SetCurlErrorCode (int err)
void SetHttpStatusCode (int err)
void SetBinary (void *buffer, size_t size)
void SetObsolete (bool obsolete)
char * Print () const

Detailed Description

Used to manage the data returned by a callback. Typically a result always has an Error Code and usually a JSON struct if the request returns data, but it can be NULL in case of error.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::CCloudResult ( )

You shouldn't need these

Member Function Documentation

CCloudResult* CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::Duplicate ( ) const
a copy of this object, to be deleted by you.
eErrorCode CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::GetErrorCode ( ) const

The error code of the called method; see enum eErrorCode for more details

an Error Code. To get a message corresponding to the error, use the array eErrorString[ec].
const char* CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::GetErrorString ( ) const

The error message of the called method; see enum eErrorCode for more details

a string.
int CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::GetHttpStatusCode ( ) const

For an HTTP request, returns the HTTP code (may be 0 in case the request failed).

const CotCHelpers::CHJSON* CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::GetJSON ( ) const

Returns the JSON value associated to "result" key, which holds data pertaining to the original request; see CHJSON for more informations; can be NULL.

a JSON class.
char* CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::GetJSONString ( ) const

Returns a string which reflects the content of the JSON class.

a JSON formatted string; if JSON class is NULL, the string is NULL. You need to release the returned string if not NULL.
char* CloudBuilder::CCloudResult::Print ( ) const

Offers a pretty-printed view of this result, including the JSON inside when available.

a string with tabs, line endings which you must free!

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